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Wine Packages Available for Purchase

Welcome to our newest page, here you will find links to wine available for purchase from our affilitates.  In connection with this page we also offer a wine review section and if you don’t feel like purchasing a wine package, take a look at our individual wines available for purchase page.  Feel free to visit our affiliates at the links below.

My Wines Direct

Premier Reds
Enjoy red wine on a grand scale with this premier and impressive pack of reds. Do you pride yourself on finding top red wines? Well, astound yourself and your guests by serving these Premiere Reds. You’ll find a rewarding red wine to open for each special occasion. A special Barbera reserve, a ten-year aged Cabernet and a California Syrah – just a few great wines that create this handsome collection. Perfect for sharing – or not!

All Red Tasting Pack
These six selections have been specially chosen to showcase varietals and styles. From classic to unique, velvety to undeniably bold; California classics to Chile and Australia, you will be happy with all these choices. One click gets two Cabs, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Cab Franc and Merlot that will serve you well. All of our wines have made it through the experts and panels of wine drinkers just like you, so you can be assured of great taste and exceptional value. Valued over $95 individually. All with NO Shipping Charges!

Mixed Tasting Pack
Discover hidden gems from small family vineyards around the world. This assortment is carefully selected to give you a range of varietals and styles, including a Chilean Cab Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, a California Petit Verdot, an Australian Shiraz plus two more California favorites. You can’t go wrong! All of our wines have been chosen by experts, and most importantly, voted on by panels of wine drinkers just like you. It’s the easiest way to try new wines with confidence. Save $10, these wines are $89 sold individually. Plus shipping to your door for no charge.

$50 Gift Certificate
Not sure if they prefer reds or whites? Let them choose! Give a $50 gift certificate towards their purchase, and we’ll include a card with your personalized message.


All White Tasting Pack
Prefer all whites? Here’s an easy way to explore different and best selling styles of white wine from around the world -you’ll enjoy two crisp Chardonnays, a refreshing Spanish Verdejo and two clean Sauvignon Blancs and a delightful Semillon-Chardonnay. Explore Spain, Chile, Australia and California through some of their best wines. Since only the best wines make it through the experts and panels of wine drinkers just like you, you can be assured of great taste and exceptional value. Plus, you’ll get a wine guide and tasting notes for easy reference. Sold individually for $87. Delivered to your door with NO shipping charges!


California Gourmet Gift Basket
This generous gift basket is the perfect present for your favorite wine connoisseur! Send this delightful mix of red and white wines, paired with sweet and savory snacks. A chilled white or a robust red? Salty, smoked almonds or buttery truffle cookies? There are so many choices in this delicious gift that your recipient will love. A wine gift basket is the gift that always fits – for all kinds of occasions and celebrations. Easy to send and so easy to enjoy. Plus the reusable crate will always remind them of your thoughtful gift. Includes: Foggy Ridge 2006 Merlot Dancing River 2006 Chardonnay Smoked almonds Truffle cookies English tea cookies Chocolate milano biscotti Dolce Vita snack mix