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Holiday Wine Gifts 2015

Christmas is fast approaching, time to shop for those wine related gifts.

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Holiday Wine Gifts

Wine makes the perfect gift at Christmas and during the holiday season for any wine lover. Wine related gifts and gadgets are everywhere today. Yet there is something about handing that special person in your life his or her favorite bottle of red, white or sparkling wine that makes gift giving fun.

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Valentine’s Day 2012

Another Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to surprise that special person than with a good wine. A special day to treat the love of your life to red roses, chocolates, and a great wine. Sit down next to a cozy fire with that significant someone and crack a bottle of Merlot, talk about all your memorable years past. Or watch the sun set with a elegant bottle of Cabernet. How about a quiet evening of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Whatever your taste this Valentines season make sure you spend it with that special someone and a special bottle of vino! Check out our special offers below.

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Wine and Summer Heat

This may be similar to a past write up, although well worth repeating as a costly mistake could be made. Summer 2010 has arrived and with a vengeance in some areas of the USA. Here on the East coast we have experienced several triple digit days which is highly unusual, even breaking a long standing record of 103 degrees on one occasion. While lakes, beaches and water parks love this weather it does not bold well for wine not properly stored. There are plenty of scientific and technical articles out there to research which are certainly valuable; but here we will try to keep it simple.

Wine is a living organism and all living things age, wine aged properly can be a beautiful thing. Heat stressed wine on the other hand is subjected to rapid maturation rather than slow even aging and will rapidly deteriorate. With summer being a time of vacation and travel many of us wine lovers visit tasting rooms and make purchases. A sun baked car can be the death of your wine. Just as an example; a closed car in 78 degree temperatures can reach into the 90 degree range in five minutes and well over 100 degrees in 25 minutes. After a few hours at those temperatures your wine may be undrinkable. Wine that has been exposed 2-3 hours at these temps may still be salvageable if immediately brought to a storage temp of 58-60 degrees. I would strongly recommend drinking this wine soon rather than storing for a long period though as the aging process has already been jump started. As for home storage, wine should be stored in cool dark places with controlled humidity, not everyone has that kind of storage though. This is when you have to decide to either lower inventory of wine stored during summer months or drink faster. There are some simple and inexpensive fixes for all of these problems. Let’s begin with storage in a car; we have traveled to Napa Valley seven times, most of which have been during summer months. When arriving in the valley we always find a place to purchase a cheap Styrofoam cooler and a few ice packs, problem solved. Just make sure what you purchase will fit the size of your cooler.

As for home storage yes, you can drop your inventory during warm months or you can purchase a wine cooler. Wine coolers today come in many shapes and sizes with various options that can all dictate prices.  There is dual zone store which is neat, if you want your whites a tad cooler than your reds.  The units also come disguised as nice pieces of furniture with cherry or oak finish wood.  Just about any serious wine lover can find a storage unit suitable to their décor if they choose to display in a common area room and want the unit to blend in. A wine cellar is the best investment if you plan to store wine long term, or in large quantities.  If all else fails and you just can’t feasibly purchase any type of wine storage unit, be sure to keep your wine in a cool basement or lower level closet away from the sun and heat; just do not plan to store these wines long term. Wine purchasing and collecting can be lots of fun, just be sure to head the warning regarding high temps!

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July 4th Celebrations

american flag

As I sit here on my patio relaxing I am kicked back in my outdoor recliner, which by the way is the best outdoor addition you could ever purchase, I reflect back on a weekend that in my mind will go down as one of the best July 4th holidays in all of my 55 years. Yes, Independence Day the start of our new country, free and independent, the USA! I am sure at times we here in the United States take for granted what this holiday means. We forget how many don’t have our rights and freedoms and that July 4th is a time not only to celebrate but also to remember how truly lucky we are. Granted our great country is going through some times of trials and tribulations, yet I firmly believe we will persevere! Now back to why I feel this July 4th was  one of my favorites. Let’s start with the weather; four days of some of the best weather we have had for the 4th since I can remember. Complete with days without a cloud in the sky, very warm temperatures and nice evenings. The great weekend began with a birthday dinner for my daughter in law.  Next up was a day of swimming and yard work, then a party honoring the high school graduation for the daughter of a good friend. After the party it was then home to family and more friends who joined us for an evening pool party complete with some fantastic food and special wine selections from our cellar. We started with some crisp Sauvignon Blanc, then a Cuvasion ATS Chardonnay, we rounded the corner to red wine with a magnum of  Titus Cabernet Sauvignon…A great night it was! We finished the weekend off with a day spent around the pool with my son and his wife enjoying some nice cold Rutherford Hill Sauvignon Blanc to cool down in the 90 degree temperature. Tomorrow it will be back to work with another fond memory of good times, good friends and family and a greater appreciation of the freedoms we enjoy here in our United States. I wish to thank everyone who was a part of making my July 4th weekend a fantastic one!

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Holiday Wine Deals

The month of November has now arrived which is exciting as the holidays are around the corner.  This is the time for family gatherings, good food, gift giving and naturally good wine. Even though the next eight weeks can be a bit hectic it always feels like the pressure of everyday life relaxes a little, the year winds down and we begin to look forward to a new year and what it may bring. I also look forward to the winery specials that are offered as the holiday season begins, and this year looks like it may be good for the consumer. I have recently received holiday offers for wine at sale prices as well as reduced or even free shipping. The economy has hit all of us hard and I am sure that includes our favorite wineries. I don’t mind paying for wine I love including whatever the shipping costs in order to get it to my door, but it is nice to get a break now and then, even if that break is a side effect of a bad economy. I would imagine that the discounts are a result of a drop in sales wineries may have experienced and while I don’t get any satisfaction gaining from another’s misfortune, I do think wine prices have skyrocketed a bit. Maybe this will bring them back to a more reasonable price range, possibly a positive of the bad economy will be stabilized prices.  Regardless, I will continue to support my favorite wineries and purchase the wine no matter what kind of offers I receive.  However, if you are looking to purchase a great gift, start shopping the wine deals now in order to have them shipped and wrapped up in time for your favorite holiday gift giving season.

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Indoor winery table top waterfall

I recently found this really nice indoor wine bottle table top waterfall. The water cascades down from a vintage wine bottle across a wine glass and grapes. A great gift for any wine lover and very reasonably priced! Check it out at the link below.

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Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

On our recent trip to Napa Valley I purchased a wine gadget I had noticed in many of the wineries and wine shops we have visited. As a true believer in decanting wine I finally decided I had to try one. The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator for red wine is in my opinion one of the few “wine gadgets” that actually lives up to its claims. The small hand held unit is designed to aerate wine poured through it, by drawing in air through two air tubes as the wine flows through it. As described on the Vinturi web site. “When wine is poured in the Vinturi its internal design creates an increase in the wine’s velocity and a decrease in its pressure. This pressure difference creates a vacuum that draws in air which is mixed with wine for perfect aeration.”

I was more than surprised when I arrived home with my new toy and tried it out by pouring a young tannic Cabernet I had already tasted through it. While subtle the change in the bouquet, flavors and finish were very pleasing. Not sure if I was ready to believe, I tried another selection and again was impressed. It has been several months since our trip and Vinturi purchase and I can honestly state the little tool that could is now a permanent staple of our wine drinking. In fact I love it so much that my next purchase will be the Vinturi for white wine, yes white wine can also benefit from aeration.

To purchase your own Vinturi click on the link below:

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White Wine Sale

Well, I saw a sign today that read 15% off all white wines and to me that means the summer has truly come to an end.  It might not have been the intent of the sale and it may not mean the same to year round white wine drinkers, but to me it signaled the end of the hot season here on the East coast.  Don’t get me wrong , I don’t dislike white wine and depending on the menu I may start my evening with a white wine, but I always switch over to red rather quickly. I sit here thinking about that sign and wonder what the store owner intended to do.  Was he simply appealing to the white wine drinkers, will he have another 15% off sale and target red wine drinkers?  Maybe, but it is interesting to me to think of all of the ways one may interpret that sign. It is odd, sort of like our taste for wine.  You can be a white wine drinker and not love all white wine.  Possibly you like the heavier oak flavored chardonnay wines, or you could be a fan of the crisper, lighter whites.  The heavier white wines extract some of their flavors from the oak barrels they were aged in, while the lighter, crisp, clean whites aged in stainless steel tanks do not pick up additional flavors or tannins from the vessel they are aged in.  The thought process here is endless, both about the sign and about each of our tastes in wine. There is no right or wrong, it is simply our own thoughts, our own choices in wine and our own tastes.  However, being the red wine drinker I am, I think I need to inquire when the 15% off red wine sale will be.


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Wine Grape Harvest Season

Another summer is coming to a close and the fall season is around the corner. While I always hate to see summer go fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Everything just appears to slow down a bit from the hectic rush of summer, the heat and humidity dissipate and the air is clear and crisp. As a wine lover this time of year is exciting in that the harvest of wine grapes for a new vintage begins.

Yes, every year at this time the harvesting of grapes usually starts with sparkling wine producers who pick in mid to late August. Labor Day is usually the start of harvest for early ripening varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc. Depending on the weather harvest can continue on through October with the big reds like Cabernet left to hang as long as possible to get full ripening. Weather is always a major factor determining when the grapes are picked; cold, heavy rain or frost could destroy a crop. It is always exciting to know that a new vintage of my favorite wine will be bottled after the wine makers spin their craft. I can’t wait to hear the reports of barrel tastings of these new vintages. While as a consumer I am aware most of these new wines will not hit the market for a couple of years, I am sure some more excellent wine is waiting to be tasted.

I have not yet visited my favorite place, during harvest as I can’t take crowds; I have been to a few grape crushing events and can imagine the smell of grapes in the air and the celebration as tons of grapes roll up to the crush pad. Yes another harvest season has begun and if you are a true wine lover go visit your local vineyard, some even allow volunteers to help pick the grapes and the crush is an experience you won’t forget.