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Napa Valley Visit 2011

Next Saturday begins another Napa Valley visit, a trip and experience I never grow tired of! The ever changing valley and the wines it brings to life always provide a new and refreshing experience. The visit will be our tenth one and along the way we have grown in our view and knowledge of California wines, made friends and built relationships with some great wineries. I know that with every visit there is so much we have yet to see and each trip becomes unique. As always our goal is to search out the “just under the radar wineries” that don’t get all the press, and there is no shortage of these great places in the valley. We will also return to Sonoma this year after a two year layoff. This excites me as I love the difference between the hustle and bustle of Napa and the country style of Sonoma, not to mention fantastic wine the area is known for. Yes, I am looking forward to another great trip, sure to come back with some stories to write about and new wines I have discovered to add to my cellar collection. It is always so much fun to open one of those bottles later on and relive the memories of a great vacation where you discovered a winery for the first time. Cheers!

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Cinco de Mama

Villa Millagro Vineyards in Finesville New Jersey to host Cinco de Mama

May 7 & 8  Noon-6:00pm

Missed Cinco de Mayo?  No Problema!!  Celebrate “La Dia de Las Madres” with a Mexican flair!  Treat “su Mama” to tasty Mexican tidbits and sangria at our little “house of miracles”, Villa Milagro.  $10 includes food, wine tasting, monogrammed gift glass and a corsage for Mom.

Details at:

Or call 908-995-2072