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WTSO Wine Bargains

Well, here I am today waiting anxiously for the next wine for sale to appear on WTSO AKA Wines Till Sold Out.  For those of you that don’t know the official website is and today is “The Big Marathon”.   Yes, it is, the big marathon featuring a new wine every fifteen minutes or until when you ask?  Till sold out…. Of course!  Part of me wants to tell the world about this great, simple, no frills, easy to use site and the other part wants to spread a nasty rumor about them in order to free up more of the wines for myself.   I already have trouble purchasing some of the fantastic values they offer.  Today for example, a Two Hands Napa Valley Cabernet appeared with a very low price of 39.99 with free shipping on any two or more bottles.  I apparently have a very slow computer or something as no sooner did I add 2 bottles to my shopping cart, the deal disappeared.  Do not be disillusioned though, I have purchased before with great success and two days later there was my wine, free shipping and all.

Excuse me for a minute while I check the latest great deal.   Oh, a Brookdale Cabernet 2007 Napa Valley.  Best web price available yesterday was $50.00 (shipping included in price) and WTSO is selling for $24.79 with free shipping on 3 or more bottles.  So, that is how it works, they give you a wine including any ratings issued by Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, or any other reviewer they have information on. A history of the winery, number of cases produced, tasting notes, and all the tidbits of information you might find useful when purchasing a wine.  They provide you # of bottles required to purchase in order to qualify for free shipping, their purchase price along with yesterdays best web price including shipping.  They gather this information via Google and other web sources (Btw, don’t log on looking for the Brookdale deal, it is gone already) to provide you a comparison to ensure the deal you are getting is real.  Pretty neat, huh?

WTSO’s website accurately states, fine wine, great prices, one wine at a time.  Wines everyday at 30% to 70% off is the slogan.  While I have touched on how it works, and mentioned the marathon today where a new wine is posted every fifteen minutes unless it sells out, in which case a new one is posted immediately, I have yet to explain a normal WTSO wine day.  Beginning at 12:01 am a new wine is posted, always one at a time and that wine stays until sold out and then a new bargain is posted.  Sometimes it is 7 minutes and it is sold out and sometimes 7 hours.  Another great feature is the WTSO app for the IPhone and the Droid.  I have it installed on my phone and get updates whenever a new wine is posted…I know, very cool; now I never miss a wine as I am notified as I would be if I got a new email or text message.

In closing while I have mixed emotions about sharing these great bargains, I hope you take advantage as I have.  No one can really say how long these types of deals will last, but this site and others of its type are a great way for both the winery owners and the consumers to take advantage of the sagging economy.  Let’s face it we can all use the discount and the winery can choose to unload some inventory surplus to make room for new vintages all without lowering the original prices.  Sort of a back door approach that is a win-win for all of us!

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