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Venge Vineyards Visit 2010

Our day began as usual here at the Wine Country Inn, with a great breakfast that really helps when you plan a day of tasting. It was then off to the Sunshine Market to pick up lunch, water and a cooler. Our first appointment of the day was a favorite; Venge Vinyards. Heading up the driveway we were surprised to see the new winery building and crush pad up and functional. venge6

Having last visited in March we were aware they would be doing construction, never did we think that just seven short months later the building would be up and pretty much operational. In fact they were sorting Cabernet grapes as quick as they were harvested.





Lin; our gracious host gave us a tour of the new facility and I must say it was very impressive. The place was abuzz with harvest activity including owner/winemaker Kirk Venge moving grape tubs with a fork lift; quite inspiring.











I have already raved about the Venge wine list so I won’t repeat myself. There are two new Cabernets that do deserve mention though. The 2008 Silencieux (The Silent One), tasting notes describe the wine as opening with scents of blackberries, cassis, licorice and coffee that lead to a concentrated, viscous wine that showcases great length on the palate. Approachable upon release and cellar worthy in proper aging conditions, fans of our Scout’s Honor and our Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon will love this wine for its fruit concentration and excellent structure. A young wine that could certainly sit for years to come we still found the wine very approachable after a bit of aeration. There is an allocation on the wine and I am sure it will sell out quickly. Bone Ash Cabernet 2008 is the other new one we tasted; a limited production bottling of 250 cases. Tasting notes describe the wine as rich, intense, and concentrated with copious quantities of black currant liqueur, cedar and smoky cigar tobacco. Full bodied and soundly structured with superior aging potential in proper cellaring conditions. A very bold Cabernet, that is rather young and a bit tannic at first but again very approachable with some aeration. Needless to say we will be sending home a good quantity of both wines for resting in our cellar. Our history with Venge wine began when we were the last visitors at the previous Venge location; the Rossini Ranch. We watched as an emotional Lin closed the cave doors for the last time so it was fitting that we arrived to see the first harvest in the new location. We have visited every year since they opened, watched their progress, enjoyed the excellent wine, talked with Lin about family and ongoing Venge news, and in a way feel like part of the family.  We are sure Kirk Venge’s new location is destined to become one of the premier Napa Valley stops.

Tastings are by appointment only for more information visit their website at

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