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Part 2 Along the California Coast

Following our stop at Orfila, we decided to drive out to Carlsbad and follow the coast back down to San Diego.  If you only follow the coastal roads and stay off I-5, this trip will take you about 2 hours or a little more if you stop to check out the view.  Our trip took us through Encinitas, Cardiff-By-The-Sea, Del Mar, Torrey Pines, La Jolla, Mission Beach, Mission Bay and back into San Diego.  Torrey Pines two of the most beautiful golf courses in the country.  If you follow the coast road you will end up right outside the gates of Torrey Pines Golf Course.  From there it’s approximately a 25 minute ride to La Jolla. Following the coastal roads is a great way to see the southern coast of California and the views are some of the most amazing in the country. 

 Sunset cliffs

We arrived back in the San Diego area just in time to see the sunset.  We headed up Sunset Cliffs Blvd, which runs along the Pacific Ocean and ends at Sunset Cliffs Park.  Located adjacent to Point Loma, the park offers an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.  Sunset Cliffs Blvd can take you right to the park but also offers plenty of pull offs you can stop at to enjoy the view and are popular gathering spots for locals. 

 Sun small

The next morning we got up early and headed out to Point Loma before our flight.  The Point Loma Naval base is located on the southern end of Point Loma peninsula and at its southernmost point is the Cabrillo National Monument.  To access the monument you have to go through the Naval base, access is granted daily from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Entry to the park costs $5.00 and it offers the best views of the San Diego Bay area.  Unfortunately, the day we were there a thick sea fog shrouded the land so we only saw glimpses of Coronado and downtown San Diego.  Cabrillo also offers tidal basins which have a wide variety of wildlife in them during certain tides and times of the year.  You may also sea whales or sea lions depending on the time of year that you visit the monument. After a stop at the tidal basins it was off to the airport for the flight home. 

 Ship fog

There’s nothing like air travel to ruin your day.  While the flight was mostly uneventful, the joys of late night baggage retrieval that greeted us were not so uneventful.  Some 50 minutes, 4 stoppages and one major breakdown after our 20 minute early arrival, we were finally reunited with our bags and on the way home.  Our 11:00 pm home arrival time ended up being 1:00am. Finally at home there was only one final step to complete the vacation, upon opening the suitcase we were reunited with the Orfila wines we had purchased.  After placing them in the racks for safe keeping, it was off to bed after the end of another successful trip.  Until next time Salude!!

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