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Envy 2007 Calistoga Estate Merlot


As club members of Envy wines, we took a bottle of the 2007 Envy Napa Valley Merlot to dinner this evening at a local Italian restaurant.  This was our first sample of the 07 Merlot which we found to be full of fruit on the first sip, but quickly followed by chocolate notes with barely noticeable tannins.  The wine was smooth, yet still able to stand up and not become lost among the bold flavors of the pancetta and tomato in the homemade pasta dishes we dined on.  Envy wines have produced nothing but quality since I have first tasted them at the recommendation of a dear friend in the valley, Lin, from Venge Wines.  Kirk Venge produces Venge Vineyard wines where we first met Lin, but Envy is another one of his father, Nils Venge’s many wine projects.   Envy is the mastermind project of Mark Carter and Nils Venge.  As a side note, Nils also owns and produces Saddleback Cellars wines…another nice place to visit with very good wines.  Envy produces some white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, but as a red wine fan, I am most interested in their reds.  They produce a wonderful blend called Beebee’s blend, described as sexy, full bodied, and elegant meant to be enjoyed for 15+ years as reviewed by Robert Parker who considered it a top value in 2009.  A 2007 Cabernet currently being offered that Envy touts to be one of their best to date… another must try.  In addition to the Merlot we enjoyed this evening there is also a Petite Sirah that is as big and bold as the mountain the fruit was grown on, almost ink like in color with flavor to match.  As for Envy tasting room, it offers a very home like appeal that allows you to enjoy all of the wines in a relaxed environment where you can truly appreciate the wines for what they are.

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