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Rosenblum 2006 Contra Costa County Carla’s Reserve Zinfandel

rosenblum zin

Tonight we are enjoying a Rosenblum Cellars, Contra Costa County, Carla’s Reserve Zinfandel.  The wine we are drinking is the 2006 vintage; however, the 2007 is the most current release being offered.  As a side note, the 2007 wines; Zinfandel in particular are drinking very well.  As a Zinfandel fan, I am not sure why I normally shy away from their wines when Rosenblum self describes as a winery dedicated to the production of Zinfandel and Rhone varietals.  I also have never disliked any Rosenblum wine; I just think there are too many choices that I become a bit overwhelmed when trying to select.  According to their website Rosenblum produces over 50 wines annually to select from so you can see where one may not know where to start.  With the kudos being given to the latest vintage of Zinfandels, I felt now was the time to begin exploring some of Rosenblums extensive offerings.  I must say Carla’s Reserve is a nice place to start, I know you are probably thinking sure, start with a reserve, but heck, you have to start somewhere.  The vines used to produce this intense wine are over 100 years old and consistently produce fruit of exceptional quality, which is then blended with only a small amount of fruit sourced from other vineyards. At first look there is deep, dark, intense color, so rich that you have to look hard to find hints of ruby when holding the wine to the light.   A first swirl of the wine gives off ripe black cherry notes, followed by olive and spice notes.  With lots of spicy pepper on the taste the wine will stand up to any of your boldest dishes and will pair nicely right alongside of your favorite pizza as well.  Rosenblum describes this wine as one of their most exotic Zinfandel offerings, although I have not tried too many yet, I have to agree this wine is extremely tasty.  Under $25, this Zin is a must try if you are looking for a big, bold, spicy, Zinfandel.  Be sure to check back for additional Rosenblum wine reviews.

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