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Outdoor Wine Glasses

Entertaining in the summer months can be fun as well as challenging; especially for wine lovers.  We all know about sniffing and swirling our wine to bring out the wines full potential when it comes to smell and flavor.  It is part of the overall experience of drinking wine, thus the reason for white wine glasses, red wine glasses and so on.  Well what happens when you want to serve wine on the patio or other cement area, such as around a pool?  That is where the challenge comes in as you have lots of barefoot people running around in the summer that could create a dangerous situation if you have broken wine glasses underfoot.  Although we all do our best to hang on to our wine glasses, accidents do happen; rather frequently at my house, but that is whole other story.  Not sure if you have been in the market for plastic wine glasses lately, but there are some really great options out there.  I am somewhat of a collector you could say with everything from brightly colored to clear with embossed palm trees. A new set I received as a gift that look exactly like some of my best Bordeaux style red wine glasses; perfect for outdoor swirling of my favorite red wines!  Words of caution though, when selecting your outdoor plastic wine glasses make sure to look for quality.  A higher quality will ensure that there are no plastic smells or flavors imparted into your wine.  A quality plastic wine glass should provide virtually the same wine experience as using your standard glassware.  If you haven’t looked for any, start shopping today…you will be amazed at the variety.  It will be fun to plan your next outdoor party!

Check out the link below for a set of plastic wine glasses:

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