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Dog Days of Summer…

The dog days of summer are officially upon us.  Graduations have come and gone, Memorial Day weekend parades and the fireworks of the 4th are a distant memory.  Now the hot humid weather settles upon us for at least the next two months.  The time has arrived for vacations, staycations, and daycations or whatever else they call time off these days.  I always feel that the month of June goes by in a flash, it seems like every weekend something is going on and they fly by in no time. Before you know it, July is here.  As I had written in the Wisconsin posting, this summer I will be spending most of my time close to home.  We have a few daytrips… I apologize, daycations, planned and maybe an overnight here or there.  But no major trips until San Diego in September. 

 With the lack of travel planning required for this summer, I have begun to focus on our September trip.  I am excited to get back out to San Diego; it’s a beautiful city and one of my favorite places to visit.  Our trip includes a 4 night stay at the Hyatt in the Gaslight district and then a two night stay at Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn on Shelter Island in San Diego bay.  Being the winos that we are, we have already begun to research the local wineries.  I have never had an opportunity to visit a winery in San Diego County, so this will be a first. 

After doing some research I came across which has provided a wealth of information about local wineries in San Diego County.  We have used the site to begin to compile a list of wineries we would like to visit on our trip.  Many are located to the north and west of the downtown district, but not too far for a daytrip…I guess it would be a daytrip as opposed to a daycation, because we would already be on a vacation…

I know that soon enough it will be time to head off on our trip, but I don’t want to rush it too much. The summer goes too quickly as it is.  So while I still have plenty of time, I am going to sit back with a bottle of wine and enjoy these lazy, hazy days of summer. Until next time salude!

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