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July 4th Celebrations

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As I sit here on my patio relaxing I am kicked back in my outdoor recliner, which by the way is the best outdoor addition you could ever purchase, I reflect back on a weekend that in my mind will go down as one of the best July 4th holidays in all of my 55 years. Yes, Independence Day the start of our new country, free and independent, the USA! I am sure at times we here in the United States take for granted what this holiday means. We forget how many don’t have our rights and freedoms and that July 4th is a time not only to celebrate but also to remember how truly lucky we are. Granted our great country is going through some times of trials and tribulations, yet I firmly believe we will persevere! Now back to why I feel this July 4th was  one of my favorites. Let’s start with the weather; four days of some of the best weather we have had for the 4th since I can remember. Complete with days without a cloud in the sky, very warm temperatures and nice evenings. The great weekend began with a birthday dinner for my daughter in law.  Next up was a day of swimming and yard work, then a party honoring the high school graduation for the daughter of a good friend. After the party it was then home to family and more friends who joined us for an evening pool party complete with some fantastic food and special wine selections from our cellar. We started with some crisp Sauvignon Blanc, then a Cuvasion ATS Chardonnay, we rounded the corner to red wine with a magnum of  Titus Cabernet Sauvignon…A great night it was! We finished the weekend off with a day spent around the pool with my son and his wife enjoying some nice cold Rutherford Hill Sauvignon Blanc to cool down in the 90 degree temperature. Tomorrow it will be back to work with another fond memory of good times, good friends and family and a greater appreciation of the freedoms we enjoy here in our United States. I wish to thank everyone who was a part of making my July 4th weekend a fantastic one!

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