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Lush 2007 Napa Valley Red Wine

Lush – A 2007 Napa Valley Red Wine…..eye catching from the first moment you lay eyes on the bottle with a label that stands out enough to make you pause for a second in order to interpret.  The label reads much like an eye chart you would see at an eye doctor office, starting out with just one large letter at the top. In this case the top letter is L printed in red ink, followed by CB in black ink, followed by DUF with the U in red ink and all other letters in black ink.  The next line provides PSTO with the S being the red ink letter and of course the font size getting progressively smaller as an eye chart would. The label continues with various letters stamped in black in all six rows of the “eye chart” except for the word LUSH set apart in red ink.  See what I mean?  Clever marketing, now that you have paused for a second to read the bottle you are already intrigued as to what this wine is all about.  So, I turn it around to find it has been cellared and bottle by Underground Wine Co.  Napa, CA.  Ok, still gaining points in my book as I have tried some other wines by Underground Wine Co.  They describe the wine as LUSH aromas of wild cherry and blackberry that create a complex red wine with depth and intensity unlike any other.  A blend of 85% Merlot, 12% Syrah, and 3% Viognier, a fact I had a little difficulty finding as the wine is not outlined on the web, nor is it detailed on the label.  This defined and well balanced red will pair with a variety of food making it an approachable wine for any type of occasion! Wow and price point under $20….I had to buy a bottle, sounded like it would be perfect for pizza night!  We did sample the wine later that week and really enjoyed it… I will be picking up another bottle and you should too!

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