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YeeHaw 2007 25th Silver Anniversary Zinfandel


“YeeHaw” ….that’s right, Yeehaw!  That is what you exclaim when you taste a bottle of Lamborn Family Vineryards Napa Valley Howell Mountain Zinfandel!  The 2007 25th Vintage, Silver Anniversary is the wine I have sampled.  I had never purchased Lamborn Family wines before this year, but I came across their website and being a lover of Howell Mountain wines and having a love of Zinfandel wine, I figured it had to be a win-win for me.  I could not have been more right with rich ripe berries and the spicy white pepper flavor that you would come to expect from most Zinfandel wines.  Hints of oak also accentuate the rich fruit flavors.  An outstanding wine with only a little over 500 cases produced, overseen by winemaker, Heidi Peterson Barrett. 

So, now that I have told you how good the wine is and you want to buy a bottle, I am sure your curiosity is getting the best of you about the “YeeHaw”.  It is a Lamborn Family tradition; another thing I love about this wine…it is a family affair.  It seems to me the whole family is active in the winery business and what more could you ask for, family and a passion for wine.  The “Yeehaw” tradition was started by Bob (Papa) Lamborn during the 1980’s when he exclaimed “Yeehaw” to signify the beginning of Harvest.  Each and every harvest since has begun the same way…a tradition that will continue along with the tradition of family and making great wine. 

As previously mentioned, this is a limited production wine so be sure to order today, visit their website at:


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