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A Snow Day and Napa Valley

Here in my New Jersey home on an unexpected day off, I am watching the snow build up outside as we are hit with what will probably go down as the blizzard of 2010 for our area of the state. You see until now we have been very lucky with the past two major snow storms staying in the southern portion of our state, which is rather unusual. As I have lived in the area all my life I knew it was only a matter of time before at least one good winter snow storm hit us this season, and today is “the big one”.  Aside from clearing the snow, a job I hate, I don’t mind a day off. It allows me a chance to catch up on many things, including the web site which is something I have been a ways behind on. I can also day dream and do a little planning for that upcoming Napa Valley trip.  We have made it an annual pilgrimage starting with our first visit in 2005 for my 50th birthday, a gift from my wife and I am returning the favor for her 40th as I have previously mentioned.  This will be the first time we have ventured out so early in the year so I am a bit nervous. March weather in Napa can be a gamble with early spring rain a big possibility. We chose March over January hoping to catch a nice week as January almost certainly guarantees rain. The trip will also be different in that we will travel as a group of eight instead of the usual four of us (our Brother and Sister in law wine travel partners) that normally make the annual visit. Four very good friends that have never been to Napa are being added this time, and that makes this special trip even more exciting to be able to share some of the great places we have already been to, so I have been working hard on setting up an itinerary with some great stops. I know I was in awe of the Valley on my first visit and would expect they will feel the same. With 34 more days to go I sit here, watch the snow and think about another visit to my favorite place (which by the way is expected to see sun and temperatures in the low 60’s today). Please don’t let it snow on March 17th so I can make it on the plane!

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