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A New Year 2010

A new year as well as a new decade has arrived, 2010 is already 21 days old and I am looking forward to a far better year than last. There are signs the economy is on the way back, the stock market has improved, and I am back to working full time after a furlough in 2009. I was never one who was overly excited about the changing of years, after all it is just another day, but I do have a good feeling about this one. I am already filled with great excitement to an event planned for March. My wife turned 40 on January 12th and part of her present was a trip to Napa Valley. I thought it fitting as she gave me the same gift when I turned 50 five years ago which began our love of Napa Valley and annual return trips ever since. Not wanting to brave the rainy season to be in the valley on her actual birthday we decided to wait until the middle of March when the weather begins to improve some. The trip includes our annual Napa Valley vacation partners that have been along for the ride since the 50th birthday trip; our sister and brother–in–law, but another exciting twist to this trip is four friends along for my wife’s birthday trip that have never visited the valley. One friend has even said it is a trip that she has on her bucket list….how exciting is that to be a part of someone’s wish list of things they want to do in life! This will certainly be a wine country experience they never forget and that will have them looking forward to future visits as it has for me.  I will say a big part of my desire to return is the Wine Country Inn. I have my favorite wineries and restaurants, but the Inn really goes the extra mile and I feel as though I can’t wait to return.  Check back for details as the trip plans evolve…I can tell you dinner at the Martini House is already on the list!

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