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Welcome 2010

img_0152Another year is passed and a new one has just begun. As much as I love the Christmas season the changing of the calendar year does very little for me. I enjoyed dinner with my family New Years Eve and again on New Year’s Day. It was great and I am always up for a good time and happy for the time spent with my kids, their wives and of course, the newest generation, my granddaughter. But really moving from one year to the next is just another day in my mind. Yes, there are some yearend tasks to perform such as tax preparation and making sure all of the prior year paperwork is in order, changing calendars and so on. There are also many who will make big New Year’s resolutions vowing to be different and all of that, but how often do they really keep those promises? As I look back and reflect on the past year I realize there were good things that happened in my life and also some not so good, all things considered though I am better off than many of those less fortunate. 2009 was not financially strong with the bad economy, but the highlight for me was the birth of my first Grandchild, a beautiful little girl who without a doubt has changed my life for the better! The point in all this is that I pretty much know that 2010 will be much like other years of my life with some good and some bad and I always hope the good outweighs the bad and pray that there are no earth shattering events. When I allow myself to look ahead on the New Year I can look forward to some good things already. It seems that the economy is starting to take a step in the right direction, hopefully some of the troops will make it home and there are no more terror attacks. Those are my global thoughts, but on a personal level we have a Napa Valley trip we are planning in March with a group of friends for my wife’s 40th birthday that I am looking forward to. A visit to the valley in the first quarter of 2010 is certainly something to toast in the New Year, so maybe this year will be a bit different since it is my first time to Napa in March! Maybe it isn’t just another day for me after all. Happy New Year, may you all realize your dreams and goals in 2010 and as always, enjoy a glass or two!

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