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Sediment in Wine

Have you ever taken a sip of a really outstanding wine that you have thoroughly enjoyed and get a mouthful of sediment? I call them bugs because that is what it reminds me of, but they aren’t really bugs, they are Tartaric Crystals which form over time and are actually not harmful at all. It is just so strange to drink a solid when you are expecting a liquid. It does make you want to spit the wine out; which is just instinct when you think something strange is happening and you are about to swallow a foreign object. I don’t know exactly what causes the crystals to form and have never really researched it much; however, I am no longer grossed out by it. I am starting to find the crystals somewhat fascinating in a strange way as far as the shape they take on. Imagine drinking a really good wine and you are down to the last sip you want to savor and poof, your wine is suddenly crunchy…yuck! That is the part that upsets me, I really wanted that last sip and don’t want to swallow the bugs! I have seen a pattern in some older wines and of course unfiltered wines that tend to have more crystals than other wines and in those cases I make sure to strain the wine so I capture the bugs in my imaginary net (strainer). The fact of the matter is sediment is a natural occurrence in some wines, and generally in the ones that are made for aging. While sediment can be pretty unpleasant to drink it will not harm you. Carefully pouring wine from a bottle can capture the sediment in the rim of the wine bottle prior to the neck or using a strainer and decanter can also capture the sediment. It is just another part of the learning experience for me; sediment is a natural part of wine and should not ruin the experience.
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