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The Holiday Season

The month of November is a big month for me, it signals the wind down of another year and the unofficial start of our holiday season. The hectic pace of getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas seems to make time fly by with shopping, parties and gatherings. It is a time when there is much excitement, fun and of course some stress. During these times wine plays an even bigger part in our everyday life. What Thanksgiving Day dinner would be complete without wine and I find it a lot of fun to pick the wines I will serve. I like to select a pre-dinner wine and take great care in selecting a wine to serve with dinner, something that will complement the flavors of the traditional turkey dinner. Some special Ports and dessert wines are always a part of the after dinner spread as well. Next up after Turkey day is the gift giving of Christmas where I get to shop for some really nice wine I would not normally buy. I give to those special people in my life that appreciate wine as much I do. Some of these special bottles are somewhat pricey and I may not have sampled them previously, so I rely on reviews and recommendations when purchasing them. My local wine store manager can usually point me to something special also. I guess I am a little selfish in thinking I may get to taste some of the wines I have gifted to the special people in my life and it sure makes the selection of the bottles easier!

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