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Wine Appreciation

Often as I enjoy one of my favorite bottles of wine, I stop and think about everything that goes into the making of that wine. If you think about the complete process, right from the start it is almost mind boggling that so many good wines make it to the market. Starting with the purchase and maintenance of property that will support the growth of grapes, you then need to worry about the growth period from early spring to fall harvest where weather could wreak havoc on the grapes at anytime, especially in the more volatile growing regions. Outside of the weather, there are diseases, funguses, and pests, just to name a few that can also destroy or significantly diminish your crop. This came to mind while watching the news last week about a big storm that hit northern California with heavy rains and high wind. I know that many of the growers may still have their big Cabernet grapes hanging, and as a big fan of Cabs; I worry about the potential loss of some good wine grapes. I remember last year meeting the owner and winemaker for Chadsford winery in Pennsylvania. He related to us how his entire crop of grapes had been destroyed by a freak late summer hail storm. Just imagine what you would do if your entire harvest of grapes that you lovingly cared for from early spring to fall is destroyed in what probably amounted to a 30 minute freak storm?  The point I am trying to make here is when you enjoy one of your favorite bottles of wine, take a moment to think about all the effort from start to finish that went into making that wine. We also certainly need to show our appreciation for all those folks who worked so hard to bypass all the potential pitfalls over a growing season to produce that wine in your glass. Yes, we show our appreciation by purchasing the wine, but do remember for most winemakers wine is their passion and life and they love to share that passion with other wine lovers.

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