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White Wine Sale

Well, I saw a sign today that read 15% off all white wines and to me that means the summer has truly come to an end.  It might not have been the intent of the sale and it may not mean the same to year round white wine drinkers, but to me it signaled the end of the hot season here on the East coast.  Don’t get me wrong , I don’t dislike white wine and depending on the menu I may start my evening with a white wine, but I always switch over to red rather quickly. I sit here thinking about that sign and wonder what the store owner intended to do.  Was he simply appealing to the white wine drinkers, will he have another 15% off sale and target red wine drinkers?  Maybe, but it is interesting to me to think of all of the ways one may interpret that sign. It is odd, sort of like our taste for wine.  You can be a white wine drinker and not love all white wine.  Possibly you like the heavier oak flavored chardonnay wines, or you could be a fan of the crisper, lighter whites.  The heavier white wines extract some of their flavors from the oak barrels they were aged in, while the lighter, crisp, clean whites aged in stainless steel tanks do not pick up additional flavors or tannins from the vessel they are aged in.  The thought process here is endless, both about the sign and about each of our tastes in wine. There is no right or wrong, it is simply our own thoughts, our own choices in wine and our own tastes.  However, being the red wine drinker I am, I think I need to inquire when the 15% off red wine sale will be.


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