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End of Summer

The unofficial end of summer has arrived, as today is Labor Day. A holiday which originated in Canada, and was first started in the United States in 1882. The day celebrates labor organizations, workers and their families, with a day of rest and parades. For me it also signals the symbolic end of summer, the vacations, hot days, and rush of activity winds down. The kids go back to school, weather cools and the smells of fall are in the air and wine grape harvest begins. I love the summer and all that it brings though I am also very fond of the fall season.


Labor Day is a day for me to relax and reflect on events of my summer, and this year, with the exception of some extended bad weather it was an excellent one! The real start of the summer this year was our Napa Valley trip the first week of July. I spend most of my year looking forward to our annual Napa trip and having fun researching new wineries to try and places to visit. That was certainly a great starting point for summer. Arriving home from Napa always brings excitement and anticipation of the wine deliveries coming from our purchases in the valley. It is always fun to open the cases and reminisce as we load them into our cellar, and of course the rest of summer we are trying some of these wines and again reflecting back on our trip. There were so many picnics and parties, the pool, food, wine, another great summer in the history books with some lasting memories. I have never been a fan of winter or snow and hate being cooped up indoors, so fall for me is a time to keep the outdoor events going. I have worked hard to create an area to provide an extended outdoor season.


The area is complete with a wood burning fireplace, patio heaters, comfortable furniture including a couch, some ottomans and my wife has also dedicated some blankets for outdoor use to make it even cozier. Ah, what could be better? Well, I am working on one more improvement, my outdoor TV to maximize the patio time while not missing a bit of the NFL football season. I am already thinking of what special bottle of wine I will take out of the cellar for the inaugural game by the fire on the new TV. We have all been through some trying times lately and while it has been hard. I will not let it slow me down, life is good and I plan to keep it that way with some good wine and fun relaxing outdoor times.


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