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Wine Grape Harvest Season

Another summer is coming to a close and the fall season is around the corner. While I always hate to see summer go fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Everything just appears to slow down a bit from the hectic rush of summer, the heat and humidity dissipate and the air is clear and crisp. As a wine lover this time of year is exciting in that the harvest of wine grapes for a new vintage begins.

Yes, every year at this time the harvesting of grapes usually starts with sparkling wine producers who pick in mid to late August. Labor Day is usually the start of harvest for early ripening varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc. Depending on the weather harvest can continue on through October with the big reds like Cabernet left to hang as long as possible to get full ripening. Weather is always a major factor determining when the grapes are picked; cold, heavy rain or frost could destroy a crop. It is always exciting to know that a new vintage of my favorite wine will be bottled after the wine makers spin their craft. I can’t wait to hear the reports of barrel tastings of these new vintages. While as a consumer I am aware most of these new wines will not hit the market for a couple of years, I am sure some more excellent wine is waiting to be tasted.

I have not yet visited my favorite place, during harvest as I can’t take crowds; I have been to a few grape crushing events and can imagine the smell of grapes in the air and the celebration as tons of grapes roll up to the crush pad. Yes another harvest season has begun and if you are a true wine lover go visit your local vineyard, some even allow volunteers to help pick the grapes and the crush is an experience you won’t forget.

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