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2006 Bogle Phantom

2006 Bogle Phantom is here!! We anxiously await the arrival of the new vintage release of Phantom each August and it arrived this week on the shelf at Liquor Outlet, our favorite wine shop. Bogle produces this “scary” good blend each year in somewhat limited quantities. While you can purchase more than just a few bottles, when it is gone, it is gone until next year. The red blend is always comprised of 3 varietals, Petite Sirah, Old Vine Zinfandel & Old Vine Mourvedre with the percentage of each varying in each vintage.

The 2006 current release is 49% each of Petite Sirah and the Zinfandel, with the remaining 2% Mourvedre. The prior vintage was 54%, 43% and 3% respectively. While I am a huge fan of the bold, spicy, complex flavors the Phantom wine has to offer each year, I believe I like this year’s vintage a bit more than the last. Aged in 1, 2 and 3 year old oak barrels there is just enough vanilla and oak imparted to offset, as well as compliment the black pepper flavor from these varietals well known for their spicy richness.

The wine can stand up to your most hearty dishes without going overboard. Phantom is reasonably priced around $20, but you can find as low as $15.99 per bottle. While the 2006 is very approachable, it will continue to age in the bottle for years to come. Remember to stock up now before it is gone.

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