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Silver Oak Cellars

Day 4 began at one of our old favorites, Silver Oak Cellars. We headed out to the Napa tasting room located in Oakville. As you may know, there is also a tasting room in Sonoma County where you can sample the latest Silver Oak vintages, but we were all very excited to get to the new Napa Valley winery and tasting room as the rebuild had been completed since we last visited. While the new tasting room made its debut almost a year ago now in late September our last visit to Silver Oak was in May while everything was still under construction.


We entered the tasting room through the massive cellar doors to an elegant, yet, cozy tasting room complete with a fireplace that looked well broken in. The room is mostly limestone with a tasting bar crafted from white oak brought in from an 1820 barn in Missouri topped off in steel. Behind the tasting bar there is the most gorgeous hand carved wooden replica of the Silver Oak emblem. A massive piece of art leaving out no detail that is stunning to look at. The tasting room has some of the original pieces, such as the tables and old tasting bars that adorn areas of the room.


The wine speaks for itself of course; so I don’t feel the need to go into much detail as it is always outstanding. I do feel the need to tell you about our host, an older gentleman named Deke. He was fascinating. His stories were amazing, his knowledge of the winery, the wines, the valley and simply his life itself were truly incredible. After purchasing a few memento’s and a large format bottle to ship home we tore ourselves away from the tasting bar and Deke’s stories with a promise to return again next year which has yet to be broken for many years running.

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