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Stryker Sonoma Winery

We headed out on our third day over to Sonoma to visit a few favorites such as Raymond Burr and also wanted to explore some new stops as well. If you have ever been to Sonoma you know that most roads have street signs with arrows pointing to the direction of the local wineries. While driving towards our intended stop and looking for a new find, we saw the sign for Stryker. That struck a familiar cord with us as it was one of the first bottles that we received as a gift for our new wine cellar many years ago from our brother in law. We opened it several years later and it was outstanding. It had been purchased in California and we had never tried the wines again until that day. As we arrived at Stryker we thought the rolling vineyards surrounding the building were quite picturesque, but then upon entering the tasting room, the view really took our breath away. As we sampled the Stryker wines we looked through large glass windows that lined the rear of the tasting bar out over the vineyards. The tasting room itself was simple and elegant all at the same time with a cozy looking fireplace at one end for the cooler months. I am not sure if I have a favorite Stryker wine as we enjoyed them all, although the Russian River Zinfandel comes to mind quickly. As a red wine fan, the more I tasted at Stryker, the more I thought I now have another favorite in Sonoma I will need to visit on a regular basis. Stryker offers a small line of white wines (chardonnay and Semillon) and a much larger line of red wine. The red wines are Zinfandels, Merlots, Cabernets, Blends, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. All of the wines are well balanced and smooth with aging potential for years to come. The Stryker philosophy is all about quality, fruit and character and I can attest that it shines through in each bottle.

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