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Touring Schramsberg

After our visit to Venge with Lin, she was able to get us a quick tour at Schramsberg as her husband Ron works there and luckily had some time to fit us in. We appreciated that very much as two members of our party had never been to Scrhamsberg and were looking forward to it. They were looking forward to it partly because of how we had described the uniqueness of the champagne caves and partly just due to the vast amount of history the world famous Schramsberg has to offer. As we waited for our appointed time with Ron, we stood outside by the lily pad frog pond and observed the beauty of nature in action.


The pond has lots of frogs, plenty of tadpoles and bright colorful flowers bursting off lily pads with the most fascinating bugs flying around the area. In the middle of the pond is the frog holding the champagne glass to the sky, a replica of the wine maker holding the champagne glass to the moon to see if the wine is ready, as the story is told.


We then saw Ron in the doorway and quickly headed over to begin our tour. We made sure to take a look at the various presidential pictures and memorabilia, such as menus from White House dinners where Schramsberg wines were served that adorned the walls before heading into the caves. Ron first poured us some champagne to take along for the walk, so we sipped while learning about the champagne process and viewing the caves. A massive amount of bottles line the walls of the cave, rows and rows all stacked neatly resting for their time. If you can allow yourself to imagine long dark caves with moss and mold growing freely almost anywhere it can attach itself, you have an idea of what we were viewing. Very old hand dug caves dating back to the 1800’s travel what seems forever with various alcoves off the main cave walkway. There are areas nicely decorated for tours and tastings along the way as well as the occasional stain mark where the pressure had built up to the point that the bottle broke dripping liquids down the row.

While we had previously taken a public tour, this tour was more of a trade tour and allowed us to get a more in depth view of just how long the champagne making process is. We learned that Schramsberg is one of the few places to still perform hand riddling of the bottles, a time consuming process. This tour also allowed us to view more of the facility including the bottling area which was fascinating. All of the Scramsberg champagnes were outstanding. Although we did not get to taste it that day, the J Davies Cabernet is also incredible if you can get a hold of a bottle. Ron did a fabulous job and we look forward to visiting again. As the history of Schramsberg is so extensive, I would also recommend you visit their website to learn more about the property the winery is located on.


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