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Back from Napa

Getting back to work after a week in Napa Valley is certainly challenging. You go from the serene, beautiful, relaxing wine country back to the hectic pace of everyday life. Not to mention there is no afternoon wine tasting at my office, but I find one of the hardest things to do is not run down stairs into your wine cellar and sample all the treasures you have shipped home. Maybe it is an attempt to recreate vacation, I’m not sure. It may be a bit of recreation on our part, but also because we ship what we cannot buy at home so there is some intrigue to make sure none of our purchases were what you would call an “impulse or moment” purchase. You know you are having a great time, but somehow the wine doesn’t taste nearly as good when you get it home. Luckily, we have pretty much grown out of those type purchases over the years and we have gotten much better at letting our purchases sit so that we can enjoy those special bottles throughout the year.

There is one winery that we visited for the first time this year that I have to say, we haven’t been very good at following our rules with their wine. In fact, we have already decided that we will just have to order another case when we run out as it is damn good wine and we want to drink it now! That winery is Stryker in Sonoma. In particular we love the old Vine Zinfandel and drank our second bottle last evening. It was the 2005 Russian River that offers lots of ripe fruit with just enough spice to offset the fruitiness for a perfect balance. There are hints of oak as the wine spent 15 months in French oak. Stryker makes several different Zinfandel wines, but this Russian River Zin has a case production of only 198 cases.

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