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A view of the Far Side of Eden

If you read my last wine babble post you will recall I talked about the reading “the far side of Eden” a story about the Napa Valley. Well, I just returned from a week long vacation in the far side of Eden. Let me tell you, it is beautiful country out there. Not only is it wine country, it is true country, ask almost anyone you can find, they will tell you they are farmers first and wine makers second. If you think about it, wine is truly all about farming as you need to be able to grow the grapes first in order to make good wine. There is also a tremendous amount of olive oil produced in the valley as well as other types of fresh produce. While I have only visited the valley during certain seasons, this is one of my favorite times. I would imagine with the mountains surrounding the valley floor that almost anytime of year would offer a tremendous view, but I personally find this time of year to be breathtaking. The golden backdrop beautifully highlights the bright green perfectly planted rows of grapes, full of life with large clusters of grapes waiting to ripen, the tree tops also offsetting the golden backdrop with their green leaves. A palate of blue sky with golden ground and green life offer a sight that one doesn’t want to look away from for too long. Along the Silverado Trail one also catches a glimpse of the occasional palm tree and bright flowers adorning either a vineyard or personal driveway and the very colorful wild flowers that grow almost anywhere along the roadside. A sight we do not see all that often on the East Coast of New Jersey with most of our plants dying off for the winter, a fact that just keeps me staring longer at the beauty of the valley. As enticing as the scenery is also the wildlife, the people, and of course the wines make this a trip that you must take once in a lifetime if not multiple times.

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