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Napa begins with Venge

Having just returned from a great day of tasting in Sonoma I will give you a little update on our first day. Yesterday began with a return visit to Venge Vineyards in their beautiful new location in Calistoga. We were very excited about this stop, not just because Kirk Venge makes some fantastic wines but we had been the last group to do a tasting at their old location last year. Our host at that time, Lin, was just the greatest and we all were quite emotional as she closed the cave doors for the last time. We kept in touch with Lin through the year and she was there to greet us at the new location. We will report on the entire visit when we return, but this one will probably stand as one of the best of the week. After Venge we headed over to Schramsberg to do a tour. Scramsberg makes arguably some of the best Champagne’s on the market today. Lin was nice enough to get us in for a quick tour on a very busy day, of course it helps that her husband Ron works for Schramsberg and gave us our tour. It was then on to Envy which is owned by Nils Venge and a partner, thanks to Lin once again for setting this up for us we were very impressed with the wine although we suspected ahead of time that any wine with the Venge name attached would be killer. Although we only hit three stops this was a long day of tasting with some big wines poured, and then it was time for return to the inn for relaxing and the afternoon appetizers and tasting. A fantastic dinner at the Martini House finished the day and it was off to bed to rest up for another day.

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