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Freemark Abbey Petite Sirah 2003

In light of my upcoming week in Napa Valley that will begin on Friday July 3, I have opened a little taste of what reminds me of a good neighbor. I’ll elaborate on the neighbor part by saying Freemark Abbey Winery is within walking distance of the Wine Country Inn where we stay each year, so they are indeed a good neighbor to me while I spend time in the Valley. A few years back on the July 4th weekend, we attended the Red, White and Blues festival in the courtyard of Freemark Abbey. We had a fantastic time sampling the wines, listening to the blues band that was playing and enjoying the food that was served from another neighbor close by, the Silverado Brew Pub. While we won’t be attending any parties this year, we will be visiting Freemark Abbey for a tasting of their latest vintages and although I’m sure it goes without saying, to purchase some wine too. So in honor of the trip I have opened a 2003 Freemark Petite Sirah…WOW! I had forgotten the boldness of this wine. While this is a 2003 and has been decanting for over an hour now, it still packs one heck of a punch. Lots of ripe blackberry flavors with abundant amounts of black pepper and in my opinion still very high in tannins. You know the feel of cotton on your tongue! Anyway, back to the wine… I love it. I think it still could have used a little more cellaring to mellow it out a bit, but not too much more. This is a very limited production Petite Sirah from their Rutherford vineyards that is aged in both American and French oak barrels. I highly doubt you will find this limited production Petite Sirah as I believe it is a winery only selection. I have though noticed other Freemark selections at my local wine shops. I look forward to visiting Freemark Abbey and purchasing more wine for my cellar, and if you visit the valley I recommend a stop at Freemark!

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