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How to Handle Napa the Valley of the Gods

OK, quick lesson from the “beer guy” on wine. Pace yourself when on a pilgrimage to the valley of the gods. That itinerary might have seemed a bit rough and leave a dent in your next day. Not really. Pace Pace Pace is the trick. First and foremost, take in three times the amount of water then wine. Don’t drink all the wine. Face it; it’s all not that good. If you even think you don’t like it, don’t drink it. That’s what that silver bucket on the table is for, us it! You are just tasting it, not drinking it after all. When you pick up that picnic lunch, pack lots of bread! Have some in between every tasting. During the picnic lunch, don’t drink a bottle of wine; there is plenty of wine to drink. Just enjoy the miniscule buzz you might have from the earlier tastings. OK, you are back at the Inn. Alright, maybe you can start opening it up a bit. If, and only if, the complementary wine pour is good, enjoy it. Again, lots of water. Enjoy your meal, pacing the wine as the courses unfold, with lots of water, you’ll be fine the next day to enjoy it again and make new discoveries.

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