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More Napa Trip Updates

In nine more days we are off to Napa, do you think I am excited? We have some great plans in place and time left over for some random stops. The Shramsburg visit is out as the tour price is just too much for our taste. With the economy as bad as it is, I would rather spend my money on some good wine. We will be returning to Elizabeth Spencer for a visit to their new patio tasting area. A new stop for us this year will be Round Pond Vineyard which has a very highly rated Cabernet, along with a Sauvignon Blanc and other varietals as well as olive oil. We will of course be revisiting quite a few places we have been to on past trips not for tours, but to purchase wine for shipping home. We also hope to uncover some new great places as we have in the past. A lot of time those random stops are the best. Let’s face it there are so many tasting rooms in the valley and in my opinion there aren’t a lot of bad wines out there, so I anticipate some new favorites.

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