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Napa Trip 2009

With all that is going on this year including the bad economy, I struggled to get as excited about our upcoming Napa trip as I was last year. That all changed this week as some really great appointments have come together. We confirmed an appointment with Venge Vineyards; you may remember that Venge moved over the winter to their new location in Calistoga. We happened to be the last tasting ever hosted at the old tasting room and were looking forward to visiting the new winery. They are now open to club members and special guests only and we are happy to be invited. Not to mention the fantastic wine Kirk Venge is known for. We hope to visit Shramsburg the same day; just waiting for a confirmation. Another appointment I am very happy with is for Outpost on Howell Mountain. I tried several times last year to set up a tasting appointment at Outpost, well known for some great wines, just never made the connection. This year we will get that visit to Outpost, along with another special Howell Mountain location, O’Shaughnessy which was recommended by Dan at Outpost. We recently tried a 2005 O’Shaughnessey Cabernet and were very impressed. Both of these wineries are known for excellent wine and Howell Mountain happens to be one of our favorite spots so I am really looking forward to these visits. We will try to do some in depth write ups on each winery we visit after the trip as we did last year; so be sure to come back and visit.

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