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Paso Creek 2005 Merlot Review

I loved the movie Sideways although I never thought the bad publicity it gave Merlot was fair, so thankfully Merlot has made a well deserved and major come back. With that in mind, we are reviewing a rather tasty selection, the 2005 Paso Creek Merlot. Paso Creek Winery is all about “Stubborn Patience”, their motto for making quality wine. Bold Character derived from Stubborn Patience to be exact. A motto that makes you feel it is something worth waiting for. Paso Creek is located in Paso Robles California, an area known for bold wines such as Zinfandels and Bordeaux varietals. The 350 acre Paso Creek vineyard offers optimal growing conditions with very little rain, high summer daytime temps reaching upwards to near 100 degrees with evenings that drop nearly 60 degrees. This fluctuation in temperature gives the grapes the structure to produce outstanding wine. Paso Creek produces a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Zinfandel and a Merlot. I recently picked up a bottle of Merlot for the first time and really enjoyed the intense flavor, bold, yet soft at the same time with hints of oak and vanilla. The wine is aged for no less than 18 months giving it a smooth finish. I am really becoming a big Merlot fan of late and recommend you try this very good reasonably priced wine.

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