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Wine review for Hogue Reserve Merlot 2003

As you know I am a huge fan of California wines and have no problem shelling out a few bucks for a good bottle of wine, but I also look for quality wine at a reasonable price. That thought of quality wine at a reasonable price is what brought me to this next selection. While craving a really nice wine while shopping last weekend, but also saying to myself I will be in Napa Valley in a little over a month spending more than my normal wine budget, I decided to explore some other options. As I mentioned normally a California wine lover, I happened upon a bottle of Hogue Reserve Merlot from Washington that caught my eye.
The descriptors mentioned age worthy, elegant, fruity which are all things I like in a wine, so why not?
Well, if I tell you that the Hogue website describes the wine to a T, it can’t get any more exact. To quote Hogue website “This Reserve Merlot epitomizes Washington State Merlot: earth, spice, leather and black olive aromas complemented by soft oak and ripe berry. Flavors are of dark chocolate and cream, intense raspberry fruit and herbal mint spice. It has great structure and mature tannins, with the fruit concentration necessary to age elegantly.” I could not have described the wine more accurately and found myself with a new admiration for Washington wines. I enjoyed it so much and found it so smooth, that I went back the next day to purchase 4 more bottles. Although the store I purchased it at, did not have the Reserve Cabernet, I look forward to tasting that wine as well. I purchased the Reserve Merlot on sale just under $20. Hogue offers a reserve Chardonnay as well as two other lines of wine; a non reserve Hogue and a Genesis line with each offering both reds and whites to choose from. I hope this wine review inspires you to purchase a bottle of Hogue Reserve Merlot, you will not be dissapointed.

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