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Grilled Potatoes

Now that it is time for summer grilling, yes get those barbeques fired up. I start thinking about the many things I have made on the grill and what new ideas I’d like to try. Grilled Potatoes was always a favorite for company as the mess can be cleaned up long before the guests and these tasty potatoes are always a big hit. Partially cook a potato in the oven until you can nicely slice them, but not too soft. Make slices in the potato ¾ of the way through leaving the bottom in tact. Once sliced stuff with practically anything you find tasty. My originals were thin slices of celery, onion, a dab of butter, salt and pepper all neatly stuffed into each slit. Wrap the potato in foil and grill, this melts the butter and allows the flavors to cook into the potato. Once done you have a tasty seasoned side dish. Plate them or place all on a platter and allow guests to cut a portion of them. As they are already sliced almost through, they are very easy for guests to eat. The possibilities of what to stuff them with are endless and the potato really takes on the flavors when grilled!

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