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Non Stop Wine Education

As wine lovers and website writers there is always a lot to know about the ever changing world of wine. I feel like a broken record saying “there is so much to know about wine” but there really is. There are appellations, regions, states, countries, you name it. There are varietals, there are reds, there are whites, there are blended wines. Then you have sparkling wines, dry wines and so on. Besides all that there are the descriptors of wine, the ways to sniff it, the ways to swirl it, all of which could be very overwhelming. It still amazes me how many wines there are I have yet to try and how much knowledge I still have yet to absorb, it could take me a lifetime. I guess that is why those that are so passionate make it their profession. Heck, who wouldn’t love to have a job similar to that of Robert Parker? I recall on a trip to Napa one year a gentleman that poured for us at one of the wineries we visited recounted how he had been a club member and grew so fond of the wine, he applied for a job at the winery. I would have to believe if you spoke to tasting room employees, you would find quite a few similar stories of folks that found their way into a wine profession the same way.
Along the lines of how much there is to know, I read an article the other day that again fascinated me on a topic I had never considered. I don’t recall where I read the article or even the particulars , but it mentioned how the importer of a wine (especially in the case of foreign wines) is sometimes just as important , if not more, than knowing about the wine itself that you are purchasing. I guess that could be very true with foreign wine as I know I struggle to understand how to select a foreign wine. I thought to myself, I have enough trouble remembering what I do know about wines and now I need consider who imported it? That seemed a bit crazy to me considering all of the other aspects that we keep in check such as winery, winemaker, varietal, vintage and so on. But a funny thing happened, I recalled reading the name Polaner Selections in the article and the other evening while enjoying a bottle of wine with dinner, I saw Polaner Selections on the back of the bottle and it rang a bell. Go figure, I really can absorb another factor regarding wine into my brain!

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