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Napa in seven weeks

Our Napa trip plans are starting to come together with a little help from a day off work. Last Friday after attending a fund raiser golf outing, my brother in-law and I had some time to ourselves as the ladies were taking one for the team by attending my niece’s school play. We agreed to start planning the annual trip and so we did. After pouring ourselves some good wine we pretty much decided on the restaurants for each night of the trip, which included the Martini House, Cooks, Cindy’s Back Street, Go Fish, and The Silverado Brew Pub. We actually made a reservation at the Martini House that evening for the fourth of July and the best part is I got a gift certificate for my birthday! The Silverado Brew Pub will be our first stop on the night we arrive as it is a real casual place we can walk to from the Wine Country Inn that offers a great meal. Our flight will arrive in California early this year since we chose the first flight out from New Jersey leaving at 7:00 am. We planned the earlier flight to hopefully beat some of the traffic out of San Francisco to wine country on July 4th weekend. With a little luck Continental Air Lines will be on time or even early as they were last year. We also planned some of our winery visits and even called a couple of places to inquire. No reservations have been made yet, so I will write about them as we confirm. As I have said previously we will take a day trip up to Lake County. I can’t share details on that day as our own beer guy on wine will be handling that plan. We also plan to head over to Sonoma for a half day stopping at a few specific locations to pick up wine or simply revisit. I am starting to feel a twinge of excitement, after all we are just shy of seven more weeks and off we go.

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