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How to save for wine purchases

We all know the economy and wine enjoyment are directly related today. The economy is in shambles, they say it has hit bottom, but to me that remains to be seen. With that in mind my purchasing power has dropped in the last year. I am presently furloughed (or whatever you call it) every other Friday, in effect, a 10% salary cut, and my wife’s salary was also frozen. All while living expenses increase. My retirement account has diminished at a rapid rate and my high yield savings account has gone from 6.3% interest to about 1.5%. Are you wondering what this has to do with wine? Just humor me, I will get to it. In an effort to trim costs in our everyday life I reviewed all of our monthly expenses. Naturally our wine expenditures needed some attention, yet one of the big stand outs was our home and auto insurance policies. I am not one to jump from one company to another to save a few bucks, but what bothered me is that we never had a claim, and the policy kept increasing each year. I requested a few quotes to lower our cost and was pleased to find the same coverage for around $700 dollars a year savings with a reputable company. You can buy a lot of wine with that money, I said to myself. The switch did require a home inspection, but we were not too concerned. Well, long story short a new roof that we did know was in the near future along with a few other minor issues and we will see our monthly savings in about 10 years! I did increase the value of my home, but I feel it backfired on me somehow-the story of my life! Another idea I had after reading an article about making money in a volatile stock market was to open an online trading account and try my luck at that. I have to make back that wine money somewhere, right? We have seen some success and made far more than the high yield savings account would have, and that helped to cut some of the insurance loss in the process. Good news, right? Today I was watching one of our stocks closely as it was climbing. I called my wife who was home and walked her through the sale of that stock and were both excited with the profit of the sale. That is until I came home and tried to verify my sale and found my very smart wife was having one of her moments when she was not so smart and did not complete the sale. My wife had never hit the place order box, as she said she did not want to place an order, just make a sale. Hmmm! Somehow when I have a moment, it is not usually good luck, my wife has a moment she gets lucky. The stock continued to rise throughout the day to an even greater profit, so I placed a limit order on it and we should sell tomorrow at a much higher rate. More wine money thanks to my smart wife!?

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