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Wine Education day Trip

You already know if you follow our Napa times page that we always plan a day trip outside of Napa. Last year we traveled out to the pacific coast to complete a long term goal of mine which was to put my feet in the Pacific Ocean. Well, that trip quickly turned into a disaster as the visiting tourists never checked the weather and therefore failed to realize there was a high wind warning in effect that day. Needless to say that wrecked our plans for a fire and picnic lunch on the beach. Our choice of clothing for that day attracted attention to the fact that we were indeed tourists, as we wore shorts and light shirts with temperatures having dropped from the 70’s when we left Napa to the low 50’s when we arrived on the coast. Regardless of all the mishaps I did still get my toe into the Pacific Ocean which was pretty darn cold. Anyway enough of the memories, fast forward to our 2009 trip planning and this year we will stick to a wine related only day trip suggested by our brother-in-law aka wine travel partner. Our tentative plan is to travel to Lake County and visit some wineries there. The little research I have completed so far shows me there are over 25 wineries in Lake County, with vineyard acreage in the 8,800 range that is expected to double in the next few years. I am already in love with this plan as my wine education will continue to improve! The wineries in Lake County include small family operations and medium size facilities. Those are just the kind of wineries we look for when trying out new areas in wine country. The county boasts Clear Lake which is one of the largest natural freshwater lakes in California. With rugged mountains including Cobb Mountain measuring 4,722 feet at the southern end of the county within the Mayacamas range, and Snow Mountain at 7,056 feet in the Mendocino National Forest at the northern end of the county there is a very broad range of elevation. Warm days that average in the mid 90’s with low humidity, cool nights, rich soils in the Clear Lake basin, along with the rugged mountain terrain and you have some great grape growing potential. This is shaping up to be a great wine tasting adventure, so stop back for some more Lake County day trip wine information.

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