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Entertaining an old Friend

We recently had a visit from a good friend of mine who many years back was my mentor and vice president at a major soft drink company we both worked at. Over the years we have kept in touch, at times there have been some gaps, yet we always managed to reconnect. We have both been through some major life changes, and no longer work in the industry. He has since moved several times and is currently living in the mid west. While still having relatives living here in New Jersey, he occasionally returns for visits, and we always try to fit in a visit or at a minimum a phone call. This trip was one of those special times we managed to visit in person. We both have a long standing love of wine going back to the soft drink days when our company purchased a rather well known Napa winery. We served their wines at all of our company events and at least for me that is where my love of wine began to blossom. Over the years my wine passion and knowledge have far surpassed those days, and sharing our new discoveries and favorite wines has become a big part of our current day relationship. Sure, there will always be the memories and great times we discuss and reminisce about, but creating new memories is just as fun. We sat by our outdoor fireplace on a great spring night and relived a lot of those old times. Fast forward to now and add in my son, my wife, the girlfriend and fiancée’ and new memories were created. I think back to the early days and compare them to my most recent visit and discovered how funny it is that it all revolves around good wine. Yes, friendships and memories are a huge part of it; however, the wine passion was always there and has continued to evolve. Also, my son who was a child in the early memories is now also a wine lover right along with his father and his father’s early mentor and that is great. Wine creates some of the best long lasting memories and I know in my heart it will be the center of many great memories to come.

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