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Building a wine cellar

Building a wine cellar is an exciting prospect and can be anything from a small rack in a damp cool corner of your cellar to a state of the art custom built cellar, but basically it should be what suits you best. Now as you know we have a 980 bottle self contained wine room, that was somewhat “prefab” meaning we purchased the whole room and just had to assemble it upon delivery. Well, we inspired our staff writer “beer guy on wine” to build his cellar. He will tell you all about it, step by step from the beginning, but we were invited to assist in the final phase, the racking set up. How exciting! Well, actually if I were to be honest, the men built the racks while us women discarded the packaging paper and crushed the cardboard boxes. Oh yeah, and we listened while the first rack had to be taken apart once and put back together….guess the men made a small error. Imagine that, it couldn’t be because men don’t completely read directions, could it? They said it was because they were so excited and jumped right into building. Not sure I buy that though as I rarely see men read the directions first, that usually comes once they run into a problem they can’t fix. So, after crushing 10 or so cardboard boxes, the women got a bored and decided to go wine shopping at the local Whole Foods. It is certainly a sign of the times when you get a free earth friendly wine bag for six bottles along with a 10% discount. Well our discount ended up being 20% as we purchased 12 bottles. Hey, in these tough ecomomic times you have to watch the dollars, and 20% off sure helps when you like good wine. With our earth friendly bags filled with 12 bottles of wine we headed off back to the house where the boys had run into a problem. Missing parts, don’t you just hate that? After searching every box and package we all agreed one box was missing so finishing the racks was not an option. Down to the cellar we went to sit and look at the racks that were completed and imagine what could have been had we finished. We did still toast the new cellar with a bottle of Frank Family Rouge Champagne and then a Robert Sinskey blend and then a Foreman Cabernet, all outstanding wines, maybe we were merely drowning our sorrows. Nah, we were still celebrating as the vision was there, just a few corner racks and it is now a complete wine cellar. Stay tuned for more specific details in forthcoming editions of Beer Guy on wine.

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