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Spring into Wine

Springtime is such an exciting time of year, the plants and trees come alive, the flowers bloom and the grass turns from winter brown to deep lush green. Well, at least in some parts of the country that experience winters as we do. Of course with that come the rains, while it is much needed rain, I tend to wish we could do without it. I keep reminding myself of that old saying, “April showers bring May flowers”. Spring is also alive with many holidays and occasions to celebrate. A fun time to select your wines and food for each occasion, a task any wine lover is sure to enjoy. There is Easter and Passover almost upon us, Mothers Day right around the corner as well as plenty of Communion, Confirmation and Graduation celebrations. Just to share a few thoughts here, when you have a large group of people such as a graduation party, you want to pick the best value for your dollar wines. Pick up a copy of Wine Spectator magazine and check out the best buy section. As mentioned on our “anything wine” page the April 30, 2009 edition of Wine Spectator magazine is dedicated to Stretching your wine dollar and delicious wines for $20 or less. You also want to remember to pick a variety of wines. Keep in mind not everyone has your taste in wine. If you like the big Cabernet, also provide a medium or light body such as a Pinot Noir, and the same holds true for white wine. I would suggest two whites, a lighter white such as a Sauvignon Blanc and a bolder white like the ever popular Chardonnay. While you should buy several bottles of each of the two red and white varietals you select, you may also want to have a bottle of sweeter wine like Riesling or white Zinfandel on hand. The weather on the day of your event may also influence your choice in wine. Let’s face it if the temperature is up there a big Cabernet is not the answer; a nice chilled Sauvignon Blanc would really hit the spot, so be prepared to pour more of the wines that are served chilled.

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