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Spring Wines

Living here on the east coast can be hard if you are not a fan of winter, which I am surely not. You might ask, why not move? The answer is income, the north east is an area where until lately jobs were plentiful and the pay is great. That is not the point of my writing though, it is all about spring which has arrived and begun teasing us with some nice warm weather. There are occasional steps backwards to some cold days, and rain is plentiful in the 10 day forecast. No matter, this time of year for me is always exciting as the flowers and trees begin to bloom and the grass greens up. I can dig out the shorts and tee shirts. It also reminds me the time has come to dust off some warm weather white wine favorites. I won’t deny my love of red wines, especially the big bold Cabernets and when winter rolls in they are always my first choice, but I do look forward to some crisp fresh whites. In the colder season there will be some Chardonnay with a certain dish or special friends, but for the most part winter for me is all red wine. Much like the comfort foods we also trend towards during winter months, hot soups, chowders, chili, and stew, all dishes one would not normally make on a hot summer day, you get the point. Well, when the warm weather breaks I check out the cellar inventory of what I call my summer wines such as Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling, just to name a few. I am sure there are some that will read this and say, we drink these wines all year, and that is fine. Although, I will bet that sales for these types of wine increase quite a bit in the summer season. Just like lemonade is associated with summer and I am sure ice cream sales go way up! I know on a hot summer day when I don’t wish to fill up on beer, a nice cool glass of Sauvignon Blanc just hits the spot. So, if you get the spring bug like I did stock up on some nice light whites, sit back and enjoy the warm days.

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