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Ex-Libris 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon

The selection this month is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington. It is a colaboration of wine made from several top Washington State vineyards. Produced by Polaner selections, it is the 2006 Vintage of Ex-Libris. Ex-Libris which means “from the library” was used as the name for this complex Cabernet as the wine was sourced from the “library vaults” of the several Washington State vineyards previously mentioned. Ex-Libris is a latin term and was the focus point of this project keeping in mind only library selections were to be used. The goal was to bring together these library sources to create an outstanding wine that would drink like a $30-$40 bottle, with a price tag in the $20 range. Much like other vintages of Ex-Libris, the 2006 Ex-Libris used two main sources for Cabernet Sauvignon with 82 % coming from the Champoux and Millbrandt Vineyards along with smaller amounts from nine other top Columbia Valley Cabernet vineyards. Finally the wine is blended with some Merlot (8%) Syrah (8%) and a dash of Petite Verdot (2%) for complexity. The wine was aged for 16 months in French oak, resulting in a wine with hints of oak, lots of ripe berries and a fairly smooth finish. It is a bit young with the tannins standing out a bit, that should soften over time but is certainly approachable now.  A great find in these tough times, who wouldn’t want to try a $20 Cab that drinks as thought it should cost twice what it does? 

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