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Wine gift giving

We all know that wine is such a huge industry these days that it is a real easy gift to buy for almost anyone.  I know some folks may be intimated to purchase wine for others because they feel they don’t understand, or aren’t confident in what they are purchasing.  That is understandable, but you can also have fun with it.  For example, take a look the next time you are in the store, how about Fat Ass Cab?  Or Old Fart wine?  If it is a 40, 50 or 60 year old birthday party, how about gifting a bottle of Old Fart?  Hey, it may not be the best tasting wine, but who knows, it could be and regardless, it is a unique gift for a wine lover.  My husband recently got a bottle of an Australian wine called Ball Busters accompanied by a card that showed a guy kicking around baseballs, soccer balls, basketballs and footballs, so along with the wine it was all about balls!  Now, that is fun.  There are also wines that popular sports figures lend their names to that the proceeds are donated to youth organizations.  How about a Yankee such as Jorge Posada on the label, or a Met fan might like a Jose Reyes Cabernet cleverly called Jose Cabareyes.  There is also the Mommy’s time out wines, a line of wines geared towards the mothers of young children who put their children into the popular punishment “time out” for a few minutes.  The Mommy’s time wine is the opposite, it is her reward, not her punishment. Check it out, you can purchase a wine to go along with almost any theme and have fun with it.

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