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Cooked Wine

I have to tell a rather funny story, there is the chance my wife will not be happy with me, oh well. Now a little history first, as you know if you frequent our site my wife and I love wine. We both feel we are rather knowledgeable when it comes to wine and this is the funny part. We travel out to Napa every year and visit the valley wineries and tasting rooms. Our trips out have been at different times of the year, yet always when it is warm or hot. So, we are very aware of the damage a hot car can do to wine. You can cook a bottle of wine in no time in a closed up car sitting in the sun. We have learned to go to great lengths to protect our purchases with coolers and Styrofoam shippers. We have never lost a bottle in all of our five visits. Well, my birthday happens to be this week and my wife thought she would buy me a nice bottle of wine to celebrate. She made a purchase at one of our local wine outlets while at lunch during her work day. Temperatures were forecasted to be in the mid 50’s and we all know what that can do to a closed up car. Naturally she brings the wine inside with her until quitting time, right? Nope. My knowledgeable wife left the wine in her car, so what do you think happened? The wine cooked, with one bottle actually seeping past the cork. When I arrived home she showed me the bottle which was rushed into the refrigerator to quickly cool it. I had to laugh and ask her “honey, what were you thinking?” you know better. Her answer…I opened the sun roof to let some air in and thought it would be cool enough. I just have to laugh, I love her and she is so smart, yet every once in awhile she can be quite an air head and it makes me laugh. So, now we are drinking one of the bottles that went into emergency cool down and I guess it survived. I did not yet get to try my special birthday wine and I can only hope that is not cooked. Don’t fret though, if it is bad my smart little wife has a plan. She will take it back and tell them the bottle is corked, oh boy! Just to make her a little happier I am posting this on her Wine Babble page which she for the most part authors. Maybe I will never get to try that birthday wine…He He.

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