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Wine in Troubled Times

I have been thinking a lot about the economy lately as I am sure most of us are. I mean just about everyone worldwide has been effected in some way or another. Every newspaper, magazine, or internet page has an article about how bad times are. Each day we wake up not knowing where the stock market is headed, my retirement plan has been devastated, and I now wonder if at my age (53) I will ever retire. Surely we all wonder what the future holds. I do have a job for now, although we have been cut to a four day work week twice a month which in effect is a 10% pay cut, I do need to be thankful that I am employed, far too many people have been fired or laid off. I don’t know about you but I find I tend to be more careful spending money now, save more, and look for sales and discounts in just about everything I purchase. This includes the wine purchases of late. My price range is $20.00 and below with an occasional treat of a $25.00 bottle, down from the $50.00 to $75.00 treats I used to bring home. I had to drop down to only one wine club and pass on the many wine tasting events I would have attended in the past, while our wine cellar is being raided far more often looking for a special treat. Almost all of the wine related periodicals contain articles on how the economy is affecting the wine industry and offering ratings on lower priced wines. In fact, much of Wine Spectator magazine for the month of April is dedicated to this topic with the cover reading “Stretch Your Wine Buying Dollars” “Delicious Wines for $20.00 Or Less”. I know I am going to try many of the selections and if you are looking to stretch your wine dollars I recommend you pick up this edition of Wine Spectator magazine. I firmly believe we will get through these troubled times, and it will get better. Until that time I am continuing to try far more reasonably priced wines, and opening up to different regions and selections I may not have tried in the past. Yes, sort of a forced expansion of my wine tastes and knowledge, and you know what? There are some very good wines in my new price range that I will continue to enjoy even when the economy rebounds.

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