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Luck o the Irish

That is right, the luck of the Irish and I consider myself lucky each time I enjoy a nice glass of wine. This past weekend we celebrated our annual St. Patricks Day party and I was very lucky, as were my guests. At least I hope they felt that way too. I started the evening with one of my favorite Chardonnays, Raymond Burr vineyards. Some of the guests were surprised to see me drinking white as they know me as a red only drinker, or at least for the most part. Hey, it’s good to keep em guessing sometimes. Anyway, after the very smooth Raymond Burr Chardonnay it was time for a Frank Family Chardonnay, another favorite vineyard that we discovered on one of our prior trips to Napa a few years back. Both of these Chardonnays are better served more at cellar temperature rather than cooler, as in my opinion the flavors stand out much more. And that was it for the first round. Of course, there were some guests that stuck with the Black and Tans as one of the traditional Irish beer drinks. Next up, courtesy of my sister and brother in-law we enjoyed a 2006 Benessere Napa Valley Syrah. Benessere is not widely available as it is sold mostly locally in California or through the wine club, or at the winery itself. Unfortunately for my sister she drank the prior round too slow and did not get to sample her most recent Benessere wine club shipment, but we did assure her it was outstanding. Actually, if you are ever in the Valley you should stop at Benessere where they pride themselves on making small amounts of great wine. After dinner we shared a Silver Oak with our guests, another outstanding wine that was enjoyed by all. There were a few other selections such as a Russian River Valley Limerick Lane Deco Zin, and those that are slipping my mind at the moment, mostly likely never to return, but I am sure you get the idea we enjoyed some fantastic wines. As you can see by our wine list, St. Patrick’s Day is not just for Green Beer.

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