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Old Faithful Wine Favorites

It is time for some wine “babble”! Yea, babble. Just some straight nonsense talk about enjoying some wine.

I think back to my early days of wine drinking when I really didn’t know much at all about wine, not that I am an expert by far, but I do feel over the last 10-12 years, I have educated myself quite a bit. In thinking about this span of time, I realize how dramatically my tastes and my wine budget have increased. Of course early on when you begin drinking wine, you are purchasing moderately priced wines as it is difficult to comprehend spending $25-$30 on just one bottle of wine. Especially when you are unsure you will even like it, and you can buy 3 bottles of the $10 wine you know you like. Well, I call those $10 bottles my old favorites and in these tough economic times, I have decided to mix in some old favorites with my new high end tastes. Actually, one of my old favorites that I have never really abandoned is Forest Glen. I am a huge fan of their California Cabernet Sauvignon. It is not a handcrafted, limited edition Cab, it is an everyday Cab that year after year never seems to have what I consider a bad vintage. Yes, certain vintages stood out more than others, but it is a consistently good wine that I can faithfully count on to never disappoint me. I am a fan of oak, and this wine mixes in just a hint of oak with the berry flavors that provide just the right balance. A great everyday, serve with pizza, serve at a picnic, anytime you want type of wine. Tough economic times can be scary and make us rethink how we spend our money, but it is also a great time to give some of those old favorites a try.

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